Dance Philosophy

Dance is an art form that increases self-understanding, awareness of others, as well as the awareness
of cultures. Dance is a way of communication, a medium between self, our environment, and society.

Dance is a reflection of our culture; it informs us of our humanity, and helps us define our role as people within society. The art of dance provides an opportunity for us to deal with, discuss, and understand difficult historical events, and other controversial topics. Dance is a way of communicating without the barriers of verbal language. Dance has the power to reach and penetrate the soul.

Dance is also a way of reconnecting with self; and provides a way for self-discovery. Dance helps us find harmony between our physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual being. Dance teaches self-discipline, self-belief, and self-realization. There is no greater joy then accomplishing something that seemed impossible or out of reach, and dance does just that.
Dance challenges the physical as well as the mental and creates an opportunity to succeed without the fear of failure. Dance also helps heighten each individual’s creativity. Dance is about problem solving and decision-making; it encourages and compels us to think in different ways and use creativity. Dance also helps us broaden and deepen our understanding, and continually stirs our imagination and mental growth. 

Dance deepens our understanding of who we are, and what we want to become. It informs and teaches us about each other, and our society. Dance has the ability to move and impact people through its beauty, strength, and vigor.