About Me

My dance training started at a very early age at the Conservatoire Municipale de Suresenes in Paris, France. There, I studied both ballet and modern dance from retired principal dancers from the Opera de Paris. At the age of 14 my family and I moved to Vermont. It was a big culture shock! I continued my dance training in Vermont for 3 years at a local studio, while learning English at Essex High School, and finishing french school with private tutors. At the age of 16 I graduated high school and started my freshmen year at the University of Utah as a Ballet Major. I then transfered to Utah Valley University to pursue a Bachelor in Modern Dance. During my schooling at UVU  I taught dance at several studios in Utah County as well as taught dance and physical education at a private school.
I graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor in Modern dance in April of 2008.  Since graduation I have continued performing, choreographing, and teaching. In my free time I like to take pictures, draw, paint, be outdoors, and cook, as well as spend time with my three wonderful children, and my husband.